With how far we have come in flight so far, it makes one want to wonder how much further there is to go. What other amenities we can add to make our journeys more enjoyable? I have never been in a space shuttle so I cannot say to what is for sure on those but I have been on many airplanes, trains and boats. So I can say that it would be awesome if airplanes were more like boats or trains. If you could get up and walk around on a plane without having to be in other peoples way, to be able to go to a different room on a plane to help break up the trip would be a good goal to reach.

If we could have planes that were more like a home to help us relax on the plane I think that we would all enjoy flying more, if we were all not crammed into such a small space for as many people that they put on a plane I feel we could enjoy it more and would fly more instead of driving or taking a train. For instance lets say planes had different cabins to walk around in, a big enough bathroom that you don’t feel claustrophobic in, lets say that planes had tile or wood floors to make it more homey, or that you could pick your own movie and not just watch what the airline was showing. Lets say that airplanes had a kitchen like a restaurant that you could have a home cooked meal in as opposed to microwaved dinners.

Or maybe a break room where there are games and toys to help keep your children occupied so they do not disturb the other passengers, or maybe even we could all have our own cabin rooms like a train, then we can could have our own fun and not have to worry about if we were disturbing the other passengers. One can dream right? Who’s to day that that is possible some time in the near future? Look how far planes and shuttles have come. Well, we do know that shuttles and space stations have pretty much all of these amenities, more or less, because astronauts must stay in space for months or years so this helps them all stay sane so they can do their jobs. But for planes how amazing would planes be if we could make them this great?

I know that a ton of people would be flying when they traveled more if they didn’t feel crammed in a small place with a lot of people. If the trip to the airport didn’t take four hours even before your flight left, if you didn’t have your luggage misplaced, if you could take what you wanted on the plane and not have to pay an extra fee. Flying were be a much better experience for everyone. Maybe one day we will get all the kinks worked out.



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