I won’t pretend that I am a master at science or even extremely knowledgeable about science, because I am not but that doesn’t stop me from talking about it. And I apologize in advance for anything that is not entirely “correct” but most of what I will discuss is my opinion and what I feel is “correct” which is totally based on second hand knowledge. So before any of you get your panties in a bunch and write angry comments just remember that we are allowed to have our own opinions and are allowed to believe in what we want because that is our right as Americans, so even if you don’t agree with me let’s try to have a mature discussion about it and not degrade each other. I also thank you in advance for your ability to do just that.

I watch a lot of shows that air on the History Channel, the Science Channel, National Geographic and so on but I am not under the delusion that everything I see and hear on TV is real, just like not everything on the internet is true, especially Wikapedia,which we know that a lot of people turn to that to find things out but which many people don’t realize is that anyone can post on Wikapedia, even you even me. I love shows about evolution because I strongly believe in the big bang and evolution for the reason that we exist today. I also believe that is it almost impossible to know for a 100% fact to know for sure how it all started but to make it easier to understand for most, just think of it as I have “faith” that evolution is the reason for humans existing.

We as humans have come along way with our technology and intelligence, we evolve everyday becoming better and better versions of ourselves so it stands to reason that when we first came into being we were the most simplest versions of ourselves. Obviously we did not know then what we know now, so when we looked up into the sky we did not know what was out there like we do know, that they are other planets out and a whole vast universe to explore, our passed selves more than likely looked up there and had no clue what to think about it and to make sense of the sun, moon, stars, clouds, shooting stars and what not created a story to help themselves understand what they were seeing. Which is understandable, we still do that sort of thing, we create something to help us understand our lives.

But now that we know and can learn to know more it is hard to believe anything else about how we came to be where we are today. Just like we thought the world was flat we thought that “something” brought us here because what else could be the reason. But we have since realized that the world in most definitely not flat and we were most definitely not brought here by “something” else, that we were here from the start and have evolved into what we are. Just like we explored our planet we are exploring our universe and the more we do that the more we have to learn and that is our greatest achievement, learning.

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