Of Course it is because space is infinite but what we are able to out there is not. With so much out there anything is possible that is why we should never stop trying to go farther and farther out there. However, we must be careful, we cannot be the only living things out there, it would be silly to think that we are with how impossibly huge space actually is. But that is a discussion for another day. We are hear to talk about flight and how lucky we are to be here and able to enjoy it. I’m really impressed with us humans and the strives we have taken to improve technology in short a short span of time from when we invented the first mode of transportation (around 4000 BC) which was using animals to get us where we needed to go. Then we invented the wheel and it was all uphill from there. Now we can use rockets to get us into space. Who would have thought? Not us way back when.

Lots of people say “the sky is the limit” not me, for me there is no limit because space is so large, anything is possible out there. We just need to get plugging along, invented news ways to get there and hopefully, eventually we might be able to stay there. Can you imagine what life would be like to live on another planet?  I can, it isn’t hard, just use your imagination. It could be just like now, or maybe slightly different or even maybe completely and totally different from how we live now. Sadly, we, who are alive now, will never know. I hope that our future ancestors will get to know what it is like. Funny though, I wouldn’t want to be one of the first people who get do that, I would like to do after some time has gone by and all the kinks have been worked out so I would know that it would work. I guess I think this way because it has not happened yet so who really knows for sure if it would work.

I believe that we are capable of anything and that anything is possible if we keep improving our technology, which is hard to believe that we will. We get better and better everyday with the inventions that we have and come out with new things on a yearly basis. So on and so forth until one day we are invented things on a new planet.

I encourage you to share a comment on whether you feel the same as me or if you think I have lost my marbles, all opinions are welcome. I love hearing and discussing with others on this subject, I look forward to hearing from you.

Until then, Meggie